The aesthetic impact of the metalwork on a person’s smile is one of the biggest concerns people have about teeth braces. It can be discouraging for adults to wear metal teeth braces for a long time. The clear aligner system of straightening teeth is almost invisible and has no metal.

Invisalign® treatment consists of custom-made aligning trays that are designed just for you. Every few weeks, the dentist changes the teeth braces trays to fit the shifting tooth configuration. In addition to the benefit of reduced visual impact, the teeth braces trays are patient-controlled and temporarily removed for important occasions. That’s why thousands of teeth braces / Invisalign® users every year are happy with the treatment results.

What kind of bite problems can Invisalign® correct?

Invisalign® corrects the exact same dental alignment problems as traditional metal teeth braces. The only difference with Invisalign® is that the trays are practically invisible to other people and can be easily removed.
Some common problems that are can be corrected with Invisalign® include:
  • Overcrowding – Overcrowding can cause tooth decay and increase the likelihood of gum disease. Overcrowding can occur when there is not enough space for the teeth to align normally in the mouth. 
  • Crossbite – This common problem occurs when one or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth. As a result, uneven wear can lead to gum disease and bone erosion.
  • Significant gaps between teeth – Large gaps can occur because teeth are missing, or when the jaw continues to grow abnormally.
  • Overbite – An overbite occurs when the upper teeth project further than (or completely cover) your lower teeth. Jaw pain and TMJ can also occur over time as a result of an underbite.
  • Underbite – The inverse of an overbite is when the lower teeth project further than (or completely cover) the upper teeth. Jaw pain and TMJ can also occur over time as a result of an underbite.

What advantages does Invisalign® offer over traditional teeth braces and veneers?

There are three different ways to align the teeth: traditional teeth braces, Invisalign® aligning trays and dental veneers. There are many things to consider when choosing the best treatment, and each option works better in certain circumstances.

Unlike traditional teeth braces, the aligning trays are fully removable in Invisalign®. Discipline and commitment from the patient is required. The trays are comfortable and nearly invisible, so this is usually not a problem. Both treatments can give almost the same result.

In many cases, Invisalign® is a better alternative to veneers because it actually straightens the teeth. Veneers are thin covers that the dentist permanently affixes to the teeth. To remove dental veneer, an alternative covering needs to be built. In addition to being expensive, veneers can break and last less than twenty years before replacement is required.

What is the typical process for Invisalign® treatment?

Before the aligning trays are created, the dentist needs to create a treatment plan. First, three-dimensional images are taken of the entire jaw. The images allow the dentist to move specific teeth on the screen, view the jaw from different angles, and see what the face will look like in the future. This technology can actually show you how the trays will transform the appearance of your face over time.

Next, a custom set of aligners is made once planning is completed. 20-29 sets per arch are typical, and the total amount of aligners will vary depending on your particular situation.

What are the important considerations when wearing Invisalign® trays?

It may take a few weeks to get used to the alignment trays. Except when eating and drinking, the trays should be worn constantly. It’s important to remove the trays when drinking or eating because food can become trapped between the tray and the teeth, resulting in tooth decay.

Progress between appointments is visually evident because new trays are usually needed every two weeks. There is no question that clear aligners have changed the way orthodontists do their jobs. Invisalign® is the leading clear aligner available and known for being both highly effective and very comfortable.

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